Preparing Your Will

The importance of preparing a will cannot be overstated. If you are over the age of 18, you should have one prepared. The legal implications for not leaving a will when you die can be expensive and prolonged, often causing unnecessary upset to family members in the process.

When someone passes away without a will, there is no guarantee that the estate will be distributed according to their wishes.

Many people falsely assume that assets and property will pass automatically to their spouse upon their death. This is not necessarily the case, however, as the rights of the spouse of a person who dies intestate will vary according to whether the intestate person was also survived by other relatives.

In Queensland, there are very specific laws that apply to the distribution of an estate in the event that a person should die intestate. Closer examination of these provisions will highlight the importance of drafting a will. They will also indicate the problems that can arise if a person fails to do so.

Proper preparation of a will is the only way to ensure the desired distribution of your estate.

Proper Preparation

It is essential that a will be properly prepared. Some people draft their own wills, inadvertently causing distress, disappointment and financial hardship to family members and other beneficiaries.

A well-planned will informs relevant parties quickly and simply who is to benefit, when they are to benefit and to what extent.

In the majority of cases, it is a relatively straightforward task to create a legally binding document. Typically, there are not huge amounts of money or many different types of assets to be dispersed and beneficiaries are usually readily located.

Whether a will is simple or complex, it will require planning, clear thinking and legal help in order to avoid disappointing surviving family members.

The primary purpose of any will is to benefit surviving loved ones and this should not be put at risk through a lack of foresight or planning. Leaving your hard-earned assets to family and friends should always be a source of personal satisfaction to a will maker.

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