TS Burstow Chapel

Opened in 2000 as part of our centenary celebrations, the TS Burstow Funeral Home and Chapel were designed as a place for quiet contemplation and reflection, for celebration and reunion.

The airconditioned chapel, seating at least 150 people, provides a beautifully peaceful atmosphere, with stained glass features and specialised lighting. Set among manicured gardens, these facilities enable family members of all belief systems to bid farewell to their loved ones in a dignified and peaceful environment, while a cascading waterfall in the outdoor garden creates the backdrop for the coffin during the service.

All services held in the TS Burstow Chapel include a complimentary introduction screen and visual tribute, designed and developed by our professional audiovisual department. Web streaming options are also available for no additional charge, if you have family who are unable to attend the service.

Our history

TS Burstow Funerals was founded in 1900 by TS Burstow, a former Mayor of Toowoomba, and has remained in his family's hands ever since.


Serving our community since 1900.

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