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Choosing a venue for refreshments after the funeral.

Most funerals are followed by a gathering of friends and family. This is an important time, where the formalities of the ceremony are over and your family and friends are more relaxed and can share fellowship and reflect. Funerals are often times of reunion and you will gain much by hearing the stories and tales that will continue as new and old acquaintances reflect on the life that has been honoured.

This gathering may be held at home, or in a church hall or at a specialised catering facility. Your funeral director can arrange all your catering needs. Alternatively, friends may have that well in hand.

The Pioneers Room, located on the grounds of the TS Burstow Funeral Home and Chapel, is a private venue to meet in after the funeral. The Pioneers Room is a friendly and uplifting environment. Full catering facilities are available. Beautiful food, beautifully presented and served by people who understand your needs at this time.

A range of menus is available at a price per head. The pricing allows for a smorgasbord of the many items selected. To comply with health regulations, food cannot be packaged and taken away.

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